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First School is happy to host a variety of children's activities and events here in Dayton, Ohio, and surrounding areas. From our summer camp program to events held throughout the school year, we are always finding ways to help young students to be involved in learning.

Girl Learning

Lunch Bunch

Our lunch program is a great way for students to hone social and motor skills while interacting with friends and teachers. During this time, students eat lunch and then work with staff on thematic units that offer enrichment and exploration of topics that are not a part of our traditional curriculum. Some examples include: author studies, fairy tales, health and nutrition, extra science experiments, and free art time. Lunch Bunch is open for our morning students in the 3 year old, 4 year old and Early 5's classes.
Time: 11:10 a.m. to 12:45 p.m.

Explorer Afternoons

We offer exciting, enriching and challenging month-long classes throughout the year. Examples of past classes include: Coding for Preschoolers, STEM and Mad Scientists, International Art, Outdoor Exploration and Imaginative Playtime, To Shin Do - An Ancient Japanese Martial Art, Soccer Shots, Dance, and Yoga and Mindfulness.

Chinese Language Instruction

First School firmly believes in the benefits of foreign language instruction for young students. Amy Fung-Siu will be teaching Mandarin Chinese at First School once per week for each class. She was born in Canton (now Guangzhou), China, and moved to New York City at age seven. She grew up well acquainted with the culture, food, and languages of Chinatown and is now fluent in three dialects of Chinese: Cantonese, Enping, and Mandarin. Of these, she engaged in Mandarin while studying at Hamilton College. After the first year, she absolutely fell in love with it and moved on to language immersion programs in Beijing upon graduation.

At home, she lives what she teaches, communicating with family members in Chinese whenever possible. She feels that you can never expose kids to other languages too early, and the Mandarin Chinese instruction at First School embodies that philosophy. As with all academic disciplines, there is always a foundational period where you are met with nothing but resistance from students. It's frustrating but healthy. With a little patience, new languages pay off dividends in linguistic and cultural education.

Summer Camps

Every year, First School provides three to four weeks of themed learning for three to six year olds from experienced staff. While the purpose of all First School programing is educational, summer camps allow staff and students to stretch the limits of their creativity and explore topics that don't always fit into the traditional school year. Each Friday, the camps have some sort of outdoor experience involving water. Some examples of past camps are: Space Camp, Ocean Camp, Earth and Garden Camp, Water Works, Science Kid (based on Sid the Science Kid), and Dinosaur Days. Camp descriptions are typically released in March. Be sure to reserve your spot for these popular experiences!

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Two Playful Girls

Woman and Boy Choosing a Pumpkin

Halloween & Valentine's Day Parties

These parties give the First School community a chance to be silly and creative as we celebrate seasonal holidays. Families are involved in the party planning and join us in the fun as much as they would like. Younger siblings are welcome as we participate in traditions that remind us of how our school is unique.

Thanksgiving Feast

Thanksgiving is a time when the entire school reflects on our past and on our families. Students of all age levels spend weeks preparing for classroom performances of songs, art projects, and sometimes costumes. Each family also brings a dish to share at a school-wide feast.

International Week

While First School uses multicultural literature, toys, and topics throughout the year, this week in late January allows classes to look at individual countries in depth. These studies culminate in a country display at the end of the week. Parents and friends of the school set up tables with toys, clothes, food, and pictures from their home country while each class walks through to experience culture from around the world. It is a time that the students and staff look forward to each year.

Family Fun Night

This is an activity night that proves to be fun for the whole family every time. Our teachers and staff prepare a night full of art projects, snacks, music, and dancing that is centered on a theme. Past themes have included a Sock Hop and Disco Night. It's always a blast!

Egg Factory

During this fun-filled day, students bring in plain, hard-boiled eggs and transform them at the egg factory. This is no ordinary egg dunking — it is a true art form. Each class's experience culminates in a magic trip through a box maze, which transforms a plain egg into a special treat.

Children Interacting with another

Happy Boys

Mother's Day

This time of year is a way for young people to reflect on all of the things that mothers do for them. Weeks are spent on special songs, poems, art projects, and activities to share with a mom, aunt, grandma, or special guardian. Because of the nature of this program, we ask that younger siblings stay home on this one occasion so all attention stays on the student. You will remember this day for a lifetime!

Father's Friday

Get ready for some family fun together! On a Friday night in October, all of the dads bring their kids to school and travel to each room for activities that they can do together. Favorites always include the photo booth, messy painting, and ooey gooey table!

Field Day

Centered on a yearly theme (i.e. safari, summer Olympics) students move between rooms and outdoor stations to participate in different activities. Some favorites include fishing, animal hospital, and outside obstacle courses.