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A Comprehensive Preschool Curriculum

Located in Centerville, a suburb of Dayton, OH, First School uses the State of Ohio Early Learning Standards to shape our preschool curriculum. We use best practices to go above and beyond these requirements in our educational programs, and challenge our students to be active learners who excel in preschool and beyond.

About Our Programs

Starting with our Two's Program, students are gradually introduced to new experiences and information. Each year after, skills are reviewed, reinforced, and expanded upon, so there is a natural progression from a focus on social, sensory, and language skills to more advanced topics. This culminates in kindergarten and first grade preparation, focusing on literacy, math, science, critical thinking, physical development, and creativity.

These six areas of learning are dynamic, meaning that the way in which we present them changes as the children in our classes change. First School has the unique ability to allow each age level an individual teacher who creates lesson plans pulling from these areas of learning simultaneously. We do not receive lessons from a corporate office; our teachers have the freedom and flexibility to think creatively and set challenging goals.

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• 2 Year Old and 2 1/2

• 3 Year Old

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• Early 5's and Kindergarten

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